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Speaker Biography

Ramona Rodder

Ramona is a third year student at Kingston and St. Georges University of London. Before entering the Midwifery programme she undertook a Physiotherapist training in Germany and completed a Diploma in Reflexology and Holistic Massage in the UK.

Her interest in midwifery stemmed from my experience working on a maternity ward as a physiotherapist, where she offered antenatal and postnatal classes to women.

She feels proud to be a part of Kingston and St. Georges University
14 of London, as it fosters a very supportive environment for learning.
As a Student Midwife Working Group member she hopes to be a link between the students and the Royal College of Midwives, to encourage student midwives to become RCM members and be informed about current issues in midwifery and become part of a professional community.

Ramona hopes to develop her role as SMWG member to inform the RCM of student issues. Additionally she has the opportunity to meet student midwives from other universities and countries and has the opportunity to be involved in planning these excellent student conference. The RCM student midwives’ conference is the highlight of her calendar and she feels privileged to be part of the organising group.


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