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Speaker Biography

Phil Dale

Phil Dale, Principle Consultant, Phi Learning

Phil is the Managing Director of Phi Learning, a consultancy specialising in enabling organisational leaders to fulfil their full potential. He works globally as an educationalist, consultant, executive coach and mentor.

Phil’s consulting focuses on developing leaders in organisations in the critical areas of personal and leadership effectiveness, change management and organisational development. He has extensive expertise in the identification of ‘high-potential talent’ within organisations and in creating individual development strategies for his clients.

Phil works at every level within the Midwifery Profession, leading the development of the Midwifery Leadership Competence Model and working extensively with Heads of Midwives, Consultant Midwives, Matrons, Midwives, Educationalists and LSA Officers over the last nine years.

Phil partners with the RCM in the delivery of a suite of Leadership Development Programmes. In the last two years he has also partnered with four Strategic Health Authorities to deliver innovative and value-adding Midwifery Leadership Development programmes.