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Speaker Biography

Jim Easton

Jim Easton, NHS National Director for Improvement and Efficiency

Jim Easton has been an executive in the UK National Health Service for over 20 years. In June 2009 he was appointed as the NHS National Director for Improvement and Efficiency. Working to the NHS Chief Executive David Nicholson, he is leading the drive to achieve over £15 billion efficiency savings whilst improving the quality of services for the 51 million people in England.
Jim is leading on changes needed in the NHS to deliver its quality and efficiency commitments through a greater focus on quality, innovation, productivity and prevention.
Previously Jim was Chief Executive of South Central Strategic Health Authority, and prior to this he was the Chief Executive of York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, a 700 bed acute hospital. During his career Jim has also worked in primary care, mental health, health care commissioning and policy development.


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