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Speaker Biography

Helen Crisp

Helen Crisp, Senior Adviser, The Health Foundation

Helen Crisp joined the Health Foundation in June 2009 as Senior Adviser on Research and Development. She is responsible for commissioning research from major academic centres on quality improvement, value for money and organisational effectiveness in healthcare. She is commissioning editor for the Health Foundation improvement reports, which pull together themed research on specific topics, combining evidence for best practice, case studies from the field, comparative performance data and information on value for money, to provide a rounded picture of best practice and the steps needed to reach it. Helen is coordinating the Foundation’s on meeting the challenge of improving quality, during a period of reducing healthcare funding. Helen has 15 years’ experience of developing and assessing quality standards for healthcare through accreditation programmes, service review and benchmarking studies. She is an experienced consultant who has worked on a wide range of healthcare quality improvement programmes in the UK and internationally, including QOF assessment in primary care, development of implementation support for NICE guidance and the development of the Danish Quality Model.


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