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Speaker Biography

Julia Austin

Julia Austin, Consultant Midwife, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust

Julia Austin has been practising midwife for over 20 years, working in all aspects of midwifery care. At present she is a Consultant Midwife for public health at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust where she leads on developing the midwifery roles within the public health agenda. She has developed roles for vulnerable team specialists in partnership with commissioners ensuring resources are directed at those most in need to lower infant mortality. She has been instrumental in the development of maternity support workers for public health in Leicester city who support midwives to deliver on their public health roles. Further developments for equality in health have been developed with the launch of a DVD for Bangladeshi women to help them access midwifery services. Currently a collaborative programme jointly run by midwives and dieticians is being launched to help women who are overweight empowering them to have a healthy pregnancy. Julia has a keen interest in social marketing to assist behavioural change and is currently studying perinatal and infant mental health at the University of Warwick. Julia is a supervisor of midwives within East Midlands LSA . She has an interest in education and is a school governor at her children’s secondary school in Northamptonshire.