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Speaker Biography

Philippa Cox

Philippa Cox, Consultant Midwife for Normality, Homerton University NHS Foundation Trust

Philippa Cox has been a midwife in London for over 20 years, in a variety of roles including Community midwife, Debriefment midwife, Clinical risk manager and a lecturer practitioner.

In September 2008, she took up her current post at Homerton University NHS Foundation Trust as Consultant Midwife for Midwifery Led care. Philippa has been closely involved with many of the interventions of the reducing infant mortality programme and has successfully integrated and supported the ongoing development of the interventions after they were mainstreamed into maternity services in May 2009.

Philippa is a Supervisor of Midwives and currently a Midwifery assessor for the Centre for Maternal and Child Enquiries (CMACE). She holds an honorary lecturer contract with London’s, City University. She is a member of the Clinical leaders network (CLN) and in July 2010 she was awarded one of two national CLN awards for her work in promoting normal births in the Trust where she works.