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Speaker Biography

Helen Richmond

Helen Richmond, Senior Midwife, Newham University Hospital

Helen Richmond has been a midwife since 1987. She is currently a Senior Midwife on the birthing unit at Newham University Hospital. Helen was one of the early developers of Waterbirth in the 1990’s and was sponsored by the HSA and Smith and Nephew Foundation to do a study on why the trend was rising in the 1990’s. Her other research includes Perineal injury in child bearing women(1988), What causes midwife satisfaction and dissatisfaction at work (1993) and Midwifery Mentorship(2005) and more recently: What causes pregnant women to phone the hospital?(2009). She has spoken at several Midwifery conferences through the UK and Ireland and has published several papers. She was a Senior Lecturer in Midwifery for 12 years and taught students about Safe Motherhood and International Midwifery as well as complex midwifery and basic midwifery skills. Her special interests are the effect of culture and religion on childbirth.