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Speaker Biography

Helen Bottom

Helen Bottom, Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University

Helen currently works as a lecturer at Anglia Ruskin University, and has done for over 7 years. She loves the interaction with the students and the rapport with qualified staff at her local trust. Helen qualified as a midwife in 1991 and spent many years in practice in a variety of settings, both in high risk care and in midwife led birthing units. She worked as a community midwife and a clinical specialist. Helen has continued learning throughout her career although not always in midwifery! At present she is deeply engaged in building the family house, so a crash course in construction and the project management from my MBA come in particularly useful. After the completion of a study to work in Helen will embark on her PhD as it has been a lifelong ambition to be Dr. Bottom. She has been lucky enough to work in many different units and in a number of different countries, throughout which Helen has found new and stimulating aspects to her chosen career. Belly dancing is a case in point, it stated as a fun way to keep fit, and immediately the potential and benefits to pregnant women were obvious. Helen aims to keep learning and enjoying midwifery for a very long time to come.