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Speaker Biography

Michelle Knight

Michelle Knight, Practice Development Midwife, The Hillingdon Hospital

Michelle commenced her nurse training in 1983 to specialise in midwifery, however left to join British Airways and pursue a lifelong ambition to travel and study Human Science. She returned to midwifery practice as a BSc direct entry student, and successfully qualified as a registered midwife.

The focus of her midwifery practice has always been on normality which was embedded as a student midwife at the Andover Birth Centre. This experience grounded Michelle’s practice within normality and the MLC concept. In 2005 she moved to Southampton University NHS Trust where she practiced as an integrated midwife within the Obstetric unit and the New Forest team, acting up as team leader and co-ordinating at the New Forest birth centre.

Michelle has been in her current post, as Practice Development Midwife, in North West London since January 2010. In this post she has been able to continue her passion for normalising the care women receive.