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Speaker Biography

Rory Brown

Rory Brown, Programme Executive - Offenders, The Prince's Trust Northern Ireland

Rory grew up in South London witnessing constant violence and alcohol misuse from an early age. In 1996 his mother was admitted to hospital but died due to medical negligence, Rory began drinking, drug taking and becoming more and more violent.

He was removed from the family home at 17 and was homeless living on the streets and in numerous hostels, During this time he was sentenced to more than 15 custodial sentences for violence and gave up on everything including himself, trying on numerous occasions to take his own life.

Rory voluntarily placed himself in treatment within prison for six months and again for a further six months in the community and strived for a better path.

He worked hard and transformed his life; so much so that he now uses his past experiences to help young offenders turn their lives around with The One to One programme for The Princes Trust.


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Rory Brown

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