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Speaker Biography

Graham Durcan

Graham Durcan, Research and Development Manager, Criminal Justice Programme, Centre for Mental Health

Graham is the Research and Development Manager for the Criminal Justice Programme. He has worked in the mental health field for 26 years and is a psychiatric nurse by background. He has worked in a variety of settings, including CAMHS, community, acute inpatient; high secure forensic and a prison. Graham has worked fulltime with SCMH since 1996, but we part funded his work for Broadmoor Hospital and the Special Hospitals Service Authority between 1994-1996.

For the last two years Graham has been engaged in work with prisons and other parts of the criminal justice system. With Karen Knowles he completed the Review of London Prison Mental Health Care in 2006 and has just finished another study of five prisons in the West Midlands.

Graham is an RMN, he has a BSc in psychology, an MSc in Research and Evaluation in Health and Social Care Settings and is soon to complete his Doctorate with the University of Essex. His thesis is based on the interviews he carried out with prisoners in the West Midlands.