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Speaker Biography

Steve Higginbotham

Steve is the current elected President of the Institute of Career Guidance, the largest careers professional association in Europe.

A qualified career guidance professional with over 30 years experience in the sector, Steve has been the Chief Executive of igen ltd since 1996. Under his leadership igen has grown into a national provider of contracts for careers IAG, preparatory learning and basic and employability skills for people of all ages. Recently igen has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the igen trust, a registered charity.

Previously he was a senior manager with Cleveland County Careers Service for nearly ten years, specialising in business liaison and development services, becoming the Principal Careers Officer for Cleveland and, establishing Future Steps in 1995. He also worked for Cheshire and Lincolnshire Careers Services in a number of practitioner and management roles.

He holds a number of directorships including Careers England, the sector trade association, Careers Yorkshire and the Humber and the Institute of Careers Guidance as well as igen and is a member of the DBIS National Careers Advisory Group.


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