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Speaker Biography

Grant Aitken

 Grant Aitken
Grant has worked in London for over 22 years starting with the City of Westminster as a community sports officer and developing into a career in public sector, private and the 3rd Sector, as a director of a social enterprise organisation in west London.

Grant’s work at Newham started as Director for Leisure and Culture, and as a result he has been at the forefront of development of new policies and practices to develop a legacy from the Olympic and Paralympics Games. Working corporately and across a range of partners he has secured investment into the boroughs sport and leisure facilities and activities. Grant is now leading a new social enterprise in Newham, called activeNewham, who are looking to redefine the way residents access sport, leisure and cultural activities and services.

Critical to Newham’s overall direction of travel is about developing a more resilient borough for its residents and organisations. This is seeing a fundamental shift in how the public sector delivers services - sport, leisure and culture is at the heart of this thinking and drive. It is all about mass participation - getting more people doing more things, more often in more places across Newham. Achieving this during a period of greater public sector finance scrutiny has seen the service continue to increase levels of participation and resulted in further commitments by the authority in sustain investment in community based activities.