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Speaker Biography

Siobhan Coughlan

Siobhan Coughlan, Programme Manage – Service Transformation, Local Government Improvement & Development

Siobhan leads on Service Transformation for LGID, working with local authorities, the local government family and central government to help ensure that local government in engaged in shaping this important agenda to deliver services that are designed to better meet the needs of different customers in their communities.

She is responsible for the work programme for the Local Government Delivery Council; this body was established to help improve how local and central government can work together more effectively on the service transformation agenda.

LGID has worked closely with central government and local authorities on the development of the Tell Us Once Programme, which support the citizen, report a bereavement or a birth once and for that information to be shared with appropriate public sector partners. Siobhan represents local government on the TUO Programme Board

She has also worked with DWP to support the implementation of the Government Connect Secure Network which enables the sharing of data across the public sector. Other work includes the support for the Customer Led Transformation Programme which has funded local authorities use customer insight and social media tools and techniques to better understand and engage with their customer, to redesign services so thy are more efficient and effective.

She developed the Customer Service Peer Review and leads on the cross government work to highlight and share good practice on the Front Office Shared Services project.