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Speaker Biography

Ralph Weedon

Ralph Weedon is Director of JISC Legal, a national legal information service for FE/HE which is hosted by the University of Strathclyde and has been in this role since its inception in 2000. His primary role is to work with the Service Manager on strategy and leadership of the service as well as appropriate reporting. Ralph was also involved in 1999/00 in a JISC funded project relating to ‘Policy Approaches to Copyright in HEIs’.

Ralph also holds the post of Compliance Officer in Learning Services at the University, focusing on copyright and data protection matters. He has 13 years experience of dealing with legal issues, copyright in particular, and has spent most of his working life in Higher Education. This has included running an EU funded student exchange programme with a university in the Netherlands, supervising a post-graduate certificate course and historical research. He has also worked in data processing for a professional institute.

In the last century, during the 1980’s, he obtained a Master’s degree in English Local History from the University of Leicester after training as a history teacher and further back still gained a BA (Hons) in History and Geography from the University of Keele in 1979.