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Speaker Biography

Richard Billingham

Richard Billingham, Head of Organisation, Development and Learning, Birmingham City Council

Richard has extensive experience working with leaders and organisations, across public and private sectors, both in the UK and internationally, to bring about change.

He is Head of Organisation Development and Learning at Birmingham City Council. He designed and implemented the awarding BEST employee engagement programme and currently leads the change management and business engagement for Excellence in People Management, a programme of transformation that has fundamentally improved the way that the Council works, the way that staff are managed and ultimately the services delivered to the citizens of Birmingham.

Richard’s key skill is in translating the energy and willingness of high performing teams into changing the way that organisations work for the better. In this respect Richard is at the forefront of developing innovative approaches to organisational change and engaging employees to make this change happen.

Richard is recognised by friends and colleagues as an out and out, total enthusiast (and cricket fan)! He is passionate about working with organisations and people, to help them become the very best that they can be, leading changes that makes all the difference.


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