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Peter Wallis

Peter Wallis, Senior Restorative Justice Practitioner, Oxfordshire Youth Offending Team

Pete joined the Oxfordshire YOS in 2000. Initially working as Reparation Co-ordinator where he organised the national 'Doing Sorry' conferences, the first of which was in 2005. Pete organises the Oxfordshire Restorative Justice network, which features a series of talks on varied aspects of restorative justice at Worcester College in Oxford, and established the Thames Valley Restorative Justice Practitioners Network. In 2008 Pete co-authored The Pocket Guide to Restorative Justice (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2008) with Barbara Tudor, which is a practical guide book for restorative justice practitioners. Pete also worked with 2 artists, Marian Liebmann and Clair Aldington to create a Victim Empathy course entitled What Have I Done, which is also available from Jessica Kingsley.

In 2009 Oxfordshire was one of 5 pilot areas exploring innovative ways to support young victims. This award winning project is currently being established as a charity called SAFE!, which has, to date, provided a specialist support service for over 150 young people who have struggled following an experience of victimisation. The pilot also led to the publication of a book of guidance for practitioners called Are You Okay?, and a course book for supporting young victims entitled Why Me?


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