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Speaker Biography

Sian West

Sian West has been Director of the charity Why me? since April 2010, after a career spanning three decades in the Prison Service.

She became interested in restorative justice as Governor of HMP Cardiff, which had created the challenging and enlightening SORI programme; an RJ-based victim awareness intervention for a wide variety of adult male offenders. Her Prison Service career covered postings in a wide variety of both male and female establishments, with all ages and types of offender. As a Governor she always welcomed close working with the third sector, as well as with other criminal justice agencies.

Sian has a Master of Studies in Applied Criminology, and is keen to see Why me? involved in quality research into the victim benefits of a face-to face Restorative Justice meeting with their perpetrator, as well as campaigning for UK-wide availability to all who seek RJ.


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