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Speaker Biography

Richard Badley

Richard Badley is Director of International at Educate and has responsibility for the growth and development of the products within the organisation’s global arm.

Educate is a publisher of magazines and websites as well as being the exclusive education sales house for a number of world leading digital platforms. All of Educate’s work is centred around helping universities and colleges recruit undergraduate, postgraduate and international students.

Educate has been at the forefront of using social media channels to recruit students for many years and introduced the concept to the UK HE market place as early as 2004. Since then helping over 150 universities and colleges in the UK brand, engage and recruit through social websites.

Richard started his career at Newsweek before becoming an Account Manager for Educate. It was in this role that Richard’s online knowledge and experience rapidly grew. Educate is now appointed to sell and manage the educational campaigns on behalf of several world renowned media organisations such as Facebook, The Times Newspapers, BBC.com, Friendster, Microsoft, Orange, AIESEC and the ACCA.

Richard has the personal experience of managing thousands of campaigns for hundreds of Institutions within this sector and over the past four years has spoken at a variety of recruitment and education events. Currently he is also a member of the Internet Advertising Bureau’s ‘Talent Taskforce’ responsible for educating current university students about a career in the digital arena.

Educate has close to 100 man years of educational marketing experience, this combined with their dynamic and exciting product stable means they are trusted and relied upon by numerous Universities and Colleges, within the UK and Internationally.