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Speaker Biography

Evan Dickerson

Evan’s career has taken him from lecturing in Art History via e-learning development, support and management in several London universities to working as a strategic adviser for JISC RSC London, which he joined in 2007. In this role Evan advises 15 specialist HEIs and all London FE colleges with HE provision with specific regard to the development of institutional strategies that support learning and teaching in general and using technology in particular. Increasingly his work is incorporating a number of emerging agendas, such as Sustainability / Green IT and Business and Community Engagement, which need to addressed alongside making an effective response to the restrictions imposed by the current funding climate. Evan has presented papers at a number of major conferences including ALT-C, Museums and the Web USA and Designs on e-learning in London. In April 2010 he presented a keynote to the Capita FHE conference on HE in FE strategy development. Evan is also an internationally published classical music critic.


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