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Speaker Biography

Dr Stephen Jackson

Stephen is Director of Reviews at the Quality Assurance Agency with overall responsibility for the various review and audit activities that QAA carries out in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. These include applications from institutions for degree-awarding powers and university title, and the Access Courses Recognition Scheme – providing opportunities for adult students to gain entry to higher education.

He is also involved with development of a number of new methods and initiatives including QAA’s oversight of private higher education colleges that recruit international students.

He has been involved in many projects relating to the development and innovation of new approaches in higher education. He has particular interests in the operation of modular degree programmes and credit structures, the development of work-based learning and the use of new technologies to support students’ learning.

He is a geographer by training and spent many years teaching at John Moores University in Liverpool. He also has interests in teaching and learning developments and trans-national education.