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Speaker Biography

Simon Weston

 Simon Weston
In 1978 Simon Weston joined the Welsh Guards and before forming part of the Falklands Task Force, saw active service in Berlin, Northern Ireland and Kenya.

In 1982, Simon was aboard the Sir Galahad when it was bombed by Argentine planes. The burns he suffered on that day have required a series of operations, which continue to this day. Despite these injuries and the physical and mental suffering they have caused, Simon's life is an example of great personal triumph and courage.

Simon lives in Cardiff with wife, Lucy, two sons, James and Stuart, and daughter, Caitlin. His life is an active one. He has learnt to fly and is a highly proficient saloon car-racing driver. He has also become a well-known broadcasting celebrity and has hosted his own show on BBC Radio Wales.

Simon's life is an example of great personal triumph and courage.
Simon's story has been well publicised and he has been the subject of five major BBC Television documentaries: Simon's War, Simon's Peace, Simon's Triumph, Simon's Return and in April 1999, Simon's Journey. His autobiography, Walking Tall, was No1 in the best selling list. Going Back was also a bestseller being in the top 10 for eight weeks. His latest book, Moving On was published in 2003 and sees Simon lay his Falklands ghosts to rest.

Simon was awarded an OBE in the Queens Birthday Honours List in June 1992 for his charitable work. He was awarded Freedom of the City of Liverpool in 2002 in recognition of his bravery and his charity work in the region. He has appeared in the Top 100 Merseysiders list in 2003 and honoured as one of the top 100 Welsh Heroes in 2004.

Simon continues with his TV and broadcasting work, including voice-overs and various guest appearances - most recently on BBC's Question Time and GMTV. As Weston Spirit's co-founder and vice president, Simon is an active ambassador for the charity's work and attends many functions and events.

Source: http://www.westonspirit.org.uk