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Speaker Biography

Marco Cangiano

Assistant Director, Public Financial Management Division 1,Fiscal Affairs Department, International Monetary Fund

Marco is the Head of the Public Financial Management Division responsible for Anglophone Africa, Europe, Central and Asia and the Middle East and for coordinating capacity building activities and technical advice of some 30 specialists and 50 short-term experts. He is currently a member of the steering committees of the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) and the International Consortium of Government Financial Management (ICGFM), and among the editors of the IMF public financial management blog. An IMF staff since 1991, Marco has completed more than 50 missions in over 30 countries, many as mission chief, covering the full range of the IMF activities (program work, surveillance, standard and codes, and capacity building).

Marco has also coordinated training activities on fiscal management at the IMF/World Bank Joint Vienna Institute, the Arab Monetary Fund, the IMF Regional Technical Assistance Centers in East Africa and the Middle East, and the Centre for Excellence in Finance in Ljubljana; lectured world wide including at the OECD Senior Budget Officers meetings; and published on pension reform, budgeting, tax policy, and energy economics.


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