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Speaker Biography

Ken Warren

Chief Accounting Advisor, The New Zealand Treasury

Ken Warren is a fellow chartered accountant and a member of the International Public Sector Accounting Standards Board, the body that develops International Public Sector Accounting Standards.

Ken has been heavily involved in the development of generally accepted accounting practice in New Zealand. He chaired the standard-setters’ conversion working group that initially developed NZ IFRS that was adopted in New Zealand public sector in 2007.

Ken Warren is the New Zealand Treasury’s Chief Accounting Advisor, in which role he co-ordinates and provides advice on the Government’s accounting policies and practices. He also has responsibility for Public Finance Act matters dealing with reporting and appropriations.

Ken joined the New Zealand Treasury in 1990 to manage the preparation of the Financial Statements of the Government of New Zealand (including the preparation of its first audited balance sheet). Previously, he had nine years auditing experience, including three years auditing experience in London with Arthur Young (a forerunner firm to Ernst Young).


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