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Neil Bentley

 Neil  Bentley
As director of the Public Services Directorate Neil is responsible for leading the development of the CBI’s contribution to the public service reform agenda, promoting in particular the role of diverse, competitive and contestable supply markets in raising standards and delivering better value for money. Neil works closely with the CBI’s Public Services Strategy Board to set the direction for the CBI’s campaign and leads on communications with government and other stakeholders in reform.

Neil took up this role in October 2005. Formerly he was Head of Skills & Employment at the CBI, with responsibility for policy development in areas such as basic skills, vocational training, diversity, trade union relations, employee involvement and working time.

Before joining the CBI in 2002 he was European employee relations consultant at EDS Ltd, a global IT services company. He was responsible for advising employment issues in public and private sector procurements and employee transfers.

Prior to EDS, Neil was a researcher on European employment law and industrial relations issues at the Industrial Relations Services. Neil’s doctorate focused on trade union attitudes to racism and immigration.


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