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Speaker Biography

Dr Heather Forland

Dr Heather Forland became Director of International Development at Kingston University London in 2006 following six years as Head of International Centre at Roehampton University. She has responsibility for international strategy, including recruitment, partnerships, student and staff mobility, the international student experience and the internationalisation of the University. Heather also acts as a consultant for British Council for outward mobility projects under the Prime Minister’s Initiative (PMI2). She acted as an advisor for the 2009 Million report ‘Universities and International Higher Education Partnerships: Making a Difference’ and was on the Universities UK International Unit steering group for the ‘UK Guide to Enhancing the International Student Experience’ (2010). Heather received her doctorate from King’s College London and her current research interests focus on the effects of implementation of university internationalisation strategies on learning and teaching. She is currently involved in a project looking at the impact of international staff in higher education and their role in the internationalisation process.


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