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Speaker Biography

Dr Kevin Downing

Dr Kevin Downing is Senior Coordinator Academic Planning and Quality Assurance at City University of Hong Kong. His portfolio includes planning, institutional research, and quality assurance. He has responsibility for rankings on behalf of City University and is Chair of the Middle East and Africa Professional Leaders in Education (MAPLE) academic conference committee. During his oversight of academic planning and rankings data, City University of Hong Kong has risen from 198th in 2004 to 129th in the 2010 World University Rankings. Dr Downing is a Chartered Psychologist, Chartered Scientist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society with wide international experience including senior academic and administrative posts in Europe and Asia. His substantial published work centres on education and metacognitive development. He is the recipient of the City University of Hong Kong Teaching Excellence Award and the prestigious International Award for Innovative use of Technology in Teaching and Learning conferred in the USA.


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