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Speaker Biography

Jacqueline Bolton

Jacqueline Bolton, Programme Development Manager, Ormiston

Jacqueline Bolton has been designing and managing services for Gypsies and Travellers and their families since 2003. She established a range of services in the East of England whilst working for Ormiston Children and Families Trust. These included a “Travellers Advocacy Service”

believed to be to the first one of its kind to be set up specifically for Gypsies and Travellers. She extended this successful model of work into Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Bedfordshire and Peterborough.

Jacqueline has also introduced and managed other services for Travellers offering health, skills and employability improvement, children’s participation/ action research and art/ heritage projects.

Prior to joining Ormiston Jacqueline had a twenty year career in Customer Services, Sales and Marketing. She has a Diploma in Marketing, and also a "Commercial Business Appreciation" qualification - similar to an MBA.

Jacqueline is a Traveller herself being part Romany Gypsy and part Travelling Showman.

She is currently setting up a social enterprise that will offer consultancy services as well as work directly with Gypsies and Travellers to improve their outcomes.


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