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Tina and Bridey Purcell

Tina and Bridey Purcell, Mother and Daughter

Tina and her 13 year old daughter, Bridy, are Irish Travellers, living with other family members on an unauthorised, tolerated site on the roadside in Greenwich. The site has no mains services. Tina has five children, one son is learning disabled, her other four children are talented and gifted and excel at Irish Dance, Boxing and other activities. Tina is employed as Traveller Liaison Officer for Greenwich, based at Eltham Police Station; she also provides cultural awareness training at primary and secondary schools in the area. Tina has also passed her MIDAS Mini-bus test to drive children with disabilities, including Brittle bone syndrome.

On 25 March, her DVD for midwives working with Travellers will be launched by ITMB. Each week, Tina runs a session at the Robert Owen Early Years Centre, for parents from abroad, with newborns, babies and young children who are in the UK without any family support. This includes breastfeeding advice. She is involved in Expert Parenting training at Greenwich Toy Library.

Tina has also completed courses in Healthy Eating, CPR, DIY, and the “Discover Me” course. Bridy is Tina’s oldest child, who auditioned for and was awarded the leading role in the forthcoming production of “Annie” at the Bloomsbury Theatre. Bridy is an Ambassador for Fair Trade and a Youth Leader for London Citizens

Bridy won the “Living Wage” award, for her campaign to have staff of the Ibis Hotel chain awarded the minimum wage, MP Ed Balls was actively involved in the campaign. Bridy chaired the London Youth Assembly gathering in the 02 Arena. She also won “Quick win of the Year” Young Achievers Award, 2010 presented to her by the Mayor of Eltham, at Eltham Palace. She has raised money for Children in Need and Comic Relief and was featured in the local newspaper under the Headline “Bridy for P M.”


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