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Speaker Biography

Ian Gray

 Ian Gray
Ian Gray, Chairman,, Vodafone Egypt.

Ian Gray is Chairman of the Egyptian British Business Council, a bilateral organisation set up by the respective Governments in 1998. He is also Chairman of Vodafone Egypt, serving on the board for over 10 years including time as CEO of the company, living in Cairo 2002-2007. Vodafone Egypt is the leading Technology operator in Egypt with over 30million Mobile subscribers and a number of subsidiaries in outsourced and web services. Gray retired from his executive role as Regional Director of Vodafone Group in 2010 after 12 years’ service in the Group. Prior to Vodafone, he was CEO of the FTSE listed companies Brown and Jackson PLC and General Cable PLC. For nearly 20 years prior to this, he held various roles in the Thorn EMI Group including CEO of HMV Retail and the UK Rental Division.


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