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Speaker Biography

John Fielden

John Fielden, Director, CHEMS Consulting

John Fielden has practised as a management consultant in higher education policy and management since 1969. After the University of Oxford he qualified as a chartered accountant but became a management consultant after that; for 29 years he was with KPMG and was partner in charge of their public sector management consultancy practice which included higher education. In 1993 he set up the Commonwealth Higher Education Management Service (CHEMS), the research and consultancy service of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, which he directed until December 2000.

He now runs CHEMS Consulting as an independent consultancy and has carried out over 250 higher education projects in over 42 countries including Australia, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, India, Mozambique, Nigeria, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Sweden and Tanzania. He specialises in HE policy studies for agencies and governments, internationalisation and governance issues. International clients have included the World Bank, IFC, UNESCO, British Council and many education ministries and universities throughout the world.


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