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Speaker Biography

Professor Elspeth Jones

Professor Elspeth Jones, International Dean and Professor of the Internationalisation of Higher Education; Co-Director of CAPRI (Centre for Academic Practice and Research in Internationalisation), Leeds Metropolitan University

Elspeth Jones is Professor of the Internationalisation of Higher Education and International Dean at Leeds Metropolitan University, where she is responsible for leading internationalisation across the University. She has over 25 years' experience of international learning, teaching, assessment and cross-cultural issues and worked for the British Council in Japan and Singapore for seven years. Her publications include the edited collection Internationalisation and the Student Voice (Routledge 2010) and Internationalising Higher Education (edited with Sally Brown) (Routledge 2007). She co-authored the i-Graduate report for the International Unit of UUK with Will Archer and Jessica Davison entitled A UK Guide to Enhancing the International Student Experience (2010). Elspeth has delivered keynote speeches around the world and has published widely on issues in comprehensive internationalisation. She is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Studies in International Education and Visiting Professor at the University of Zagreb.

In her role as International Dean, Elspeth wrote the internationalisation strategy for Leeds Metropolitan University and it has been her job to lead its implementation. She is responsible for the recruitment of international students, for curriculum internationalisation and staff development for internationalisation as well as the university’s international partnerships. To support the internationalisation strategy, Elspeth initiated Leeds Met's International Reflections webpage in September 2003 and edited it daily until June 2009. Elspeth is also responsible for introducing International Volunteering at Leeds Met to offer international and intercultural experiences for UK students. This continues to be her principal field of research interest, along with the link between internationalisation and multiculturalism. She recently set up CAPRI, the Centre for Academic Practice and Research in Internationalisation, of which she is Joint Director with Dr Viv Caruana.