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Speaker Biography

Ben Jupp

Director, Social Finance, Cabinet Office.

Ben Jupp is a Director at Social Finance. He leads work on developing Social Impact Bonds in health and other fields, investment in mutuals and larger social sector providers of public services and engagement with Government on aspects of social investment policy.

Prior to joining Social Finance at the start of 2011, on secondment from the civil service, Ben was Director of Public Services Strategy at the Cabinet Office. In that role Ben led work across Government to improve public services, such as through developing more personalised health and education services and shifting more transactional services on-line. In the civil service, he has also been Director of the Office of the Third Sector in the Cabinet Office, responsible for policy and support for the voluntary and community sector and social enterprises, and head of strategy at the Home Office.

Ben’s previous experience includes leading research on welfare, health and regeneration policy at the think tank Demos, managing primary care in part of a Health Authority and leading the policy development of lottery funded health and childcare programmes at the New Opportunities Fund.