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Speaker Biography

Phil Hatton HMI

National Adviser, Ofsted.

Phil is a National Adviser for Ofsted in the Learning and Skills sector with a particular interest in Apprenticeships. He recently led surveys on ‘12 outstanding providers of work-based learning’ and ‘Learning from the best: examples of best practice from providers of apprenticeships in underperforming vocational areas’. He has a long history of developing qualifications including the first NVQ in 1987. Before becoming an inspector he managed quality assurance at a large college and has written six textbooks. Phil set up the Good Practice Database for the Adult Learning Inspectorate and was part of the Provider Development Unit. Phil led the survey on Apprenticeships for the Training Standards Council that led to the introduction of Technical Certificates. He is passionate about raising standards through dissemination of good practice found on inspection and is keen that the sector learns from Ofsted surveys that highlight the best practice across further education.


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