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Speaker Biography

Julian Hosking

Having completed a successful career in the private sector, both in marking and career development, he started to work with offenders in custody and the community in 2003, firstly as a Trial Blazer mentor and then moving onto KCC under the ESF and then the Ministry of Justice working.

Julian's career at HMP Wandsworth started in 2007 as the ETE manager and then Deputy Head of Learning and Skills and currently the Head of Resettlement. One of key aspects of his work at HMP Wandsworth is to secure ex offenders sustainable employment, this process was started by the introduction of the Job club and strong partnership working, the job club does not only look at employment but address prisoner engagement along with addressing the other six pathways to successful resettlement. One of the major factors to the success of HMP Wandsworth's resettlement and employment of ex offenders has been to engage with key employers who support the work that is undertaken in custody.


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