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Speaker Biography

Frazer Wallace

Coordinator, UK National Europass Centre (UK NEC).

The main role of the UK NEC is to promote the Europass Portfolio - designed to provide transparency of an individual’s skills, qualifications, and experiences; and to enhance individuals’ employability by providing a platform to display and promote those attributes to employers and educational establishments both in the UK, and in Europe.

Frazer has been the Co-ordinator since 2010, and he organises the activities of the UK National Europass Centre on a national level and represents the UK’s position on portfolio development and document management in Europe.

Before taking over the lead on UK NEC, he worked within the same organisation on the UK NARIC contract and advised individuals in relation to recognition of qualifications attained outside the United Kingdom.

Frazer has a diverse educational history, has a Bachelor Honours Degree in Genetics and is also a qualified Solicitor.


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