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Speaker Biography

Erica Brown

Erica Brown is Vice President of Acorns Children’s Hospices and Principle Research Fellow at Coventry University. Erica was formerly Head of Research and Development of Care at Acorns Hospices and she worked as Head of Special Education at Oxford University. She has longstanding experience as a senior manager in schools and universities and she has lectured and published nationally and internationally. Erica is a trained bereavement counsellor and Editor in Chief of the peer reviewed journal of children’s and young peoples’ palliative care, Linchpin.

Erica’s books include:

- Life Changes – loss, change and bereavement for children aged 3-11 years old. (2010) Manchester: Tacade/Lions.

- Supporting Bereaved Children in the Primary School. (2009) London: Help the Hospices.

- Supporting the Child and the Family in Paediatric Palliative Care. (2007) London: Jessica Kingsley.

- Palliative Care for South Asians – Hindus, Muslims Sikhs. (2008) (2nd Edition). London: Quay Books.

- The Death of a Child: Care for the Child, Support for the Family. (2003) Birmingham: Acorns Children’s Hospices.

- Supporting Children with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – a guide for teachers and professionals. (2001) London: David Fulton Publishers.

- Loss, Change and Grief – an educational perspective. (1999) London: David Fulton Publishers.


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