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Speaker Biography

Carol Castle

Vice Chair of HELOA and Head of Recruitment, Sheffield Hallam University.

Carol has been Head of Outreach and UK Recruitment at Sheffield Hallam University since December 2006. Sheffield Hallam is one of the UK's largest universities with over 33,000 students. Carol's responsibilities include Outreach, Schools and Colleges Liaison, recruitment visit activity and transition support.

Since January 2010 Carol is also National Vice-Chair of the Higher Education Liaison Officers Association. Founded in 1990, HELOA's aims are to 'promote entry to all sectors of Higher Education' and 'to have concern for the nature and quality of the information and counselling given in the United Kingdom either directly, or indirectly to all potential students'. With 750 members from 142 HEIs, in nine groups across the UK, HELOA aims to be one of the foremost, professional, member-led Associations in the sector, collaborating with other Associations and Agencies to make a significant contribution to the debate about Higher Education in the UK.


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