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Speaker Biography

Professor Martin Henson

Dean of International Development, University Of Essex.

Martin is currently the dean of international development and a professor of computer science at the University of Essex in the UK - as such he has a responsibility, working with others, to develop and implement the University's International Strategy. In a nutshell, the strategy aims to further internationalise the university, developing beneficial, reciprocal relationships in education and research, with students, academic and professional colleagues, faculties, schools, departments, and academic institutions across the world. The emphasis is on opportunities leading to mutual benefits and new understanding.

He is interested in discussing new international academic collaborations in research and teaching. Martin has considerable experience in curriculum design in higher education, both within and outside the UK, and in external examining and accreditation in higher and further education. He has worked as a consultant for several ministries of higher education, internationally, undertaking academic reviews, developing accreditation standards and leading strategic planning exercises.

Martin’s academic work lies in the area of formal methods for software engineering, in particular the design and use of logics of specification and program development.