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Speaker Biography

Nada Frangieh

 Nada Frangieh
Director, The Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development.

Nada joined Qatar Foundation in 2007 as an Assistant Director in the Family Policy Division. Prior to joining Qatar Foundation she was a Senior Researcher in one of the most well-known Lebanese Law firms. She has conducted many researches related to International Law, Social Studies to the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon.
Nada holds a Master Degree in International Law as well as a JD in Public law. Her thesis focused on the Implementation of International Treaties in the Internal Law of the State. She is currently finalizing a Thesis project for PHD on “Impunity and the Right of Education in Armed Conflicts”.
In her role as Director of the Family Research Division, Nada shall be working on realizing the Mission of the Doha International Institute for Family Studies and Development, by developing an international network of scholars, organizations and citizens who promote family-supportive scholarship, and programs consistent with The Doha Declaration.
Nada is married to Farid K. Antoun, General Manager, Debbas Enterprise Qatar, and they have two children.