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John Fisher

 John Fisher
Director, Local Futures Group.

John is Director of the Local Futures Group. He worked in economic development and regeneration for many years, with local authorities and regional development agencies in the North of England, before joining the Henley Centre for Forecasting, where he established the successful Planning for Local Change programme.

John established the Local Futures Group in 1997. Comprising a team of researchers and consultants Local Futures provides a geographical perspective on economic and social change, and introduces this perspective into public policy and marketing strategies nationally and locally. Local Futures provides a range of services for use by researchers and policymakers, ranging from benchmarking to strategy development and monitoring.

John has also played a central role in developing of the company’s Local Knowledge and Place Profiles on-line services. Used by local authorities and the corporate sector across Britain, they provide a comprehensive evidence base for a wide range of research and policy applications.

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