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Matthew Amroliwala

 Matthew  Amroliwala
Matthew Amroliwala has been one of the main presenters on BBC News24 for the last seven years.
He is also a regular face, presenting news bulletins on BBC1 on the weekends. He has anchored some of the biggest stories covered by the BBC in recent years - the Asian Tsunnami, the Hutton report, September the 11th, the Concorde crash, and the Iraq war - as well as chairing political debates and discussions on a range of issues.

Prior to 1997 - Matthew was a news correspondent, a political correspondent and foreign correspondent, over a period of eight years, reporting from Northern Ireland in the run-up to the ceasefires, reporting from Bosnia during the Balkans conflict, as well as stints in Westminster, Washington and New York.

In 1993, he was nominated for Reporter/Presenter of the Year, by the Television and Radio Industry Club, for his work in Belfast..(in the company of Jeremy Paxman and Martin Bell.)

He has also made several documentaries for BBC2 - investigating the under-age sex trade in Sri Lanka, discrimination in the NHS, and Racism in the Prison Service - a documentary that won an award at the Chicago Film Festival.

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