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Phil Copestake

 Phil Copestake
Head, Analytical Studies, Office for Public Management.

Phil is head of the research department at the Office for Public Management (OPM), an independent development centre working with public services to improve social outcomes (see www.opm.co.uk or follow us on Twitter @OPMnetwork). He leads OPM’s evidence-based policy and practice work, including performance assessment and benchmarking, best practice research, systematic literature reviews, and place-based resource mapping.

Since joining OPM in 2003, Phil has worked with a wide variety of organisations from across the public services, including local authorities and central government departments, health trusts and third sector bodies. He has led major research studies into issues ranging from how to build resilience to extremism through effective teaching, to the quality of skills and training available to support people living with dementia. He is currently working with a number of local authorities and their partners to identify how to maintain positive outcomes for service users and communities in the face of fewer resources.

Most recently Phil has been leading OPM’s work to explore the potential of employee and community ownership models for public services, which has led to OPM being appointed as one of the expert mentors to the Cabinet Office mutual pathfinders. Phil was lead author of two major research reports, one based on in-depth case studies of public services that have already mutualised, and a short ‘how to’ guide, launched recently at the House of Commons by Francis Maude and Professor Julian Le Grand, Chair of the Mutuals Taskforce. These are available for free download on OPM’s website. Phil is also working with several individual councils on their own transition to mutual ownership.


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