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Speaker Biography

Nicola Harwin CBE

 Nicola Harwin CBE
Chief Executive, Women’s Aid.

Nicola Harwin, CBE, is Chief Executive of Women's Aid, the national charity working to end violence and abuse, which co-ordinates the network of over 500 local domestic and sexual violence services. With over 35 years experience of providing local and national services, Nicola has played a key role in monitoring and responding to legislation and policy affecting abused women and children, including responding to numerous government consultations, working as an expert advisor with a wide range of statutory and voluntary bodies, and acting as a consultant to several research projects into domestic violence. She is the author of numerous publications: advice leaflets for survivors, training resources and handbooks for service providers, briefing papers for government and the public, and contributions to recent and forthcoming books. From 2000 to 2006, Nicola served on the Women’s National Commission, the then UK Government’s Advisory Body on Women and was Chair of the Violence Against Women Working Group.


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