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Sunder Katwala

 Sunder  Katwala
Sunder Katwala is General Secretary of the Fabian Society, the leading centre-left think-tank and political society. The Fabian Society’s work on life chances, including the Fabian Life Chances and Child Poverty Commission report ‘Narrowing the Gap’, has been influential in seeing inequality return as a central theme in political and public policy debate. Specific Fabian recommendations adopted by government over the last year include the new PSA target to narrow the gap in educational outcomes in the 2007 CSR, the extension of child benefit to the 29th week of pregnancy and the introduction of maternity nutrition grants. Current Fabian work is addressing educational inequalities, the role of families and parenting, health inequalities, housing and community, wealth inequalities, and strategies for integration and equal citizenship.

Source: Fabian Society
Updated: Dec 2007


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