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Speaker Biography

Gary Hoffman

 Gary  Hoffman
After 25 years in the bank, Gary became Barclays Group Vice Chairman in July 2006. Prior to this he was Chairman of UK Banking and Chairman of Barclaycard following 5 years as Chief Executive of Barclaycard.

As Group Vice Chairman, Gary’s role revolves around protecting and enhancing Barclays’ reputation and includes leadership of the Corporate Responsibility strategy and Treating Customers Fairly agenda. He is also responsible to the Barclays’ Board for Equality and Diversity.

In his other roles, Gary had responsibility for service and sales to our retail customers in the UK, set up Barclaycall (Barclays’ telephone banking service) and launched internet banking.

Gary was appointed to the Barclays Group Executive Committee in 2001 and has been an Executive Director on the Board of Barclays PLC and Barclays Bank PLC since 1st January 2004.