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Speaker Biography

Dale Bassett

 Dale Bassett
Dale Bassett is Research Director at Reform, having been with the think tank since 2008. He leads on public service reform and specialises in education and criminal justice policy, researching and advocating ideas on increasing competition and choice and improving value for money across the public sector. He has co-authored reports on topics including the curriculum and qualifications, police reform and economic policy, and has edited a book of essays on the future of the creative industries.

Dale has appeared widely in both print and broadcast media including the Today programme, Newsnight, The Daily Politics, The Politics Show, Jeff Randall Live, BBC Breakfast, The Times, The Guardian, The Independent and the Times Educational Supplement.

He also runs Educators for Reform, a network of hundreds of teachers and academics arguing for the importance of rigorous, academic education.
He is a member of the 1994 Group higher education policy forum and a member of the board of advisers of the Liberty League, a group promoting classical liberal ideas.
Prior to joining Reform Dale co-founded a start-up e-commerce company and worked as a City headhunter.