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Laura Gander-Howe

 Laura Gander-Howe
Laura Gander-Howe is the Director of Learning, Arts Council England, with a particular focus on the Children and Young people agenda. She began her career as a visual artist, working as a teacher in school and post 16 settings and then as a senior manager within the further education sector. Laura has pursued her passion and interest in education and skills through her roles as Head of Quality and Director of Learning Programmes at the Learning and Skills Council, working with local Authorities, Further and Higher Education institutions and other strategic partners.

In her current role, Laura is responsible for the national policy for children and young people and skills. She has developed Arts Council England’s focus on children and young people as one of five long term goals, working across government departments and liaising with sector skills councils and arts organisations.

Laura is a qualified executive coach and has supported organisational development through many of her roles.


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