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Speaker Biography

Jeanette York

Jeanette is the national Policy Lead for Community Safety and Policing at the Audit Commission, where she is responsible for policy guidance for audit colleagues and tools to support improvement in the sector. Her role involves liaison with the Home Office Partnership Unit and other criminal justice inspectorates.

She is currently overseeing a self-assessment tool for partners on domestic abuse and is an adviser on the government official group chaired by Baroness Hanham.

She is the author of two Audit Commission community safety studies: Neighbourhood Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour: Making places safer through improved local working and Victims and Witnesses: Providing Better Support.

Jeanette began her career at the Audit Commission as a housing inspector and was responsible for leading several inspections in London councils.

Prior to joining the Audit Commission, Jeanette was responsible for housing management policy at the LGA. She was a member of several Home Office working groups, including on Vulnerable and Intimidated Witnesses, which led to changes in legislation.

She also has extensive experience of working with housing associations and the charitable sector and was Chair of the Management Board of a medium-sized London HA for three years.


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