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Speaker Biography

Debbie Fawcett

Debbie Fawcett, BA Hons in Youth and Community Studies and Post Graduate Certificate, Management in Health and Social Care, Safeguarding Children and currently studying towards an MA in Voluntary Sector Management.

HARV Domestic Violence Team is a community based project and was established in 1998 by a multi agency forum, in response to the lack of specific provision available to women and children who were experiencing domestic violence. I came into post as manager 10 years ago and was struck by the lack of provision for children and young people, in particular young men living with domestic violence.

Over the years HARV has developed specific children’s service offering three tier support:

· KIDVA and Safeguarding service for high risk children and young people,

· one to one support in schools, specific youth and play provision for medium risk children and young people

· drop in support in schools and community centre s and PHSE lessons in schools for low risk children and young people.

HARV also delivers in partnership single gendered work. Recently young women from the project led the London Million Women Rise march and opened the event by reading some of their poems. Young men were involved in a weekend residential with HARV and Probation staff to look at their attitudes and beliefs.